Solar Panel Systems Repair & Monitoring

We monitor your system so you don't have to worry.

Why do solar panel arrays need monitoring?

For the most part solar panel arrays, when installed correctly, need little attention. That said, given the temperature and weather extremes these systems encounter, the system's performance can be affected over time.

Expansion and contraction from temperatures are a common source of movement. With time, slip sheets can migrate from under the racking, panel wires can loosen and drop down to the roof surface.

If inverters are roof-mounted the microchips inside are subjected to the extremes of heat and cold. While they are designed for and warranted for failures, they could require a fix as they advance in age.

Equipment failures can be from manufacturing defects. On some occasions we are able to secure equipment replacements because of their processes or lack thereof. We have our ear to the ground and know who to call to determine what might be a manufacturing problem.

As a rule, a simple site inspection/walk-through twice a year can prevent a large portion of any potential issues.

Roof replacements are common in the solar industry & generally require complete removal & re-installation. Whether it’s a big box store or home, we offer this service on a case-by-case basis.

If you encounter communication issues, rapid shutdown device anomalies, inverter error codes or failures, panel faults, or monitoring problems, give Sun Wind Solutions a call at 203-255-3714. We will try & walk you through the problem to identify what the roots cause may be.


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Maximizing Commercial Solar Power Systems

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Solar Panel Operation And Maintenance

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Commercial Solar Incentives & Financing

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Professional Commercial Solar Installers

882 Solar Panels installed by Sun-Wind, Greenskies Developer

Members of our commercial solar team are industry professionals with many years of experience. You’ll get top quality service throughout the entire project and we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with the results.

Matching The Best Components To Your Project

558 Panel Solar Installation by Sun-Wind, Greenskies Developer

Value and results are what you should expect. Each site has its own unique elements and every client has specific needs and goals. At Sun-Wind we choose products that best match your site and provide the maximum R.O.I. on your project.

Remove, Replace, Repair, Maintain

Whether we installed your original commercial solar system or not, we can take care of all your post-installation needs.

Get Maximum R.O.I.

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Commercial Solar Incentives, Tax Credits and Other Programs

Numerous programs and resources available to help offset the cost of a commercial solar project. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will lay out all of your options and even assist you with all of the paperwork.


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Commercial Solar Tax Incentives.

The solar tax incentives have been extended until December 31, 2032. Now is a great time to take advantage of the incentives, rebates, and credits.

Free, No Obligation Solar Assessment.

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