Solar solutions that deliver true value, lasting quality and peace-of-mind.

We serve Connecticut and the surrounding areas as Certified Energy Professionals with the purpose of designing and installing top-quality solar systems that produce the highest return on your investment.

Why Choose Sun-Wind Solutions?

We have the best team of solar panel installers in the state of Connecticut.

We offer free, no obligation site evaluations.

We make your investment work for you.

We design and install to best suit your wants and needs.

We provide the best service and use only the best components.

We offer simple, no-nonsense pricing.

What we do​.

We are expert Connecticut solar power installers who specialize in the design and installation of commercial and residential solar systems.

Commercial Solar wh

Commercial Solar.

We're experts in commercial solar panel systems in Connecticut. Rooftop, Ground Mount, Carports.

EV Charging wh

EV Charging.

We'll help you choose, then design and build the right electric vehicle charging solution for your business or municipality.

Solar Repair wh

Solar Energy Repair & Monitoring.

We assess your solar energy system for proper function and efficiency.

Residential Solar Installer

Residential Solar.

Cut your energy costs with help from Connecticut's best solar installers & consultants.

Free, No Obligation Solar Assessment.

Contact us today to learn how you or your organization can benefit from going solar.

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Commercial Solar Tax Incentives & Cost Savings.

The solar tax incentives have been extended until December 31, 2032. Now is a great time to take advantage of the incentives, rebates, and credits.

We are the best Connecticut solar company.

Here’s why:

Our team consists of industry professionals that have many years of experience and are all individually certified in their areas of expertise. The diversity of our team’s knowledge and experience allows us to best match a professional technician to each phase of the project. We do it all—from initial site evaluation to commission by your local authorities.


Articles, information and helpful resources.

Solar Panel Operation And Maintenance

Investing in solar power is a smart choice for businesses and facilities. It reduces your dependence on local electric utilities and helps you save on electrical bills. Plus, it showcases your commitment to renewable energy. However, solar power systems require some maintenance like any other complex system. As a rule, ...

How to Supercharge Retail Sales with Solar EV Charging

The 2030 National Charging Network report reveals that in order to accommodate 33 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road by 2030, the nation will need a total of 28 million charging ports. While private residential chargers will serve as the foundation of the charging network due to the preference ...

Installation & Maintenance for Solar Developers

Sun-Wind Solutions is Your Expert In Solar Installation As a solar power developer or commercial property owner, you need to deliver the right design with the right products and have them installed reliably and economically. For more than a decade, Sun-Wind Solutions has been a valued installation and maintenance partner ...

What Makes Us The Right Choice For You:

Sun-Wind Solutions always provides the highest level of personalized attention and service, and our solar panel installation projects are never complete until our clients are fully satisfied with the results. We care about what we do and we care about you.


Free, No Obligation Solar Assessment.

Contact us today to learn how you or your organization can benefit from going solar.

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