About Sun-Wind Solutions

We are expert Connecticut solar power installers who specialize in the design and installation of home and commercial solar systems.

As members of the Solar Energy Industries Association), we also design and install wind turbines for home or commercial applications. Whether it is a solar array (photovoltaic, aka PV), a solar hot water heater or a wind turbine system, our team of professionals can help you determine the solution that works best for you. Clean energy production is at the heart of what we do, but we are also careful to balance the other factors (such as aesthetics) that are important to customers.

Commercial Solar.

We're experts in commercial solar panel systems in Connecticut. Rooftop, Ground Mount, Carports.

Perfect for:

Commercial/Retail Properties, Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Schools, Municipal Buildings, and More.

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Electric Vehicle Charging.

We'll help you choose, then design and build the right electric vehicle charging solution for your business or municipality.

Perfect for:

Automotive Dealerships, EV Vehicle Manufacturers, Government Facilities, Retail and Residential Parking Lots. Schools & Universities, and More.

ev charging

Solar Energy Repair.

We assess your commercial solar energy system for proper function and efficiency.

Perfect for:

Commercial or Residential Properties with Existing Solar Systems.


We are the best Connecticut solar company.

Here’s why:

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Our team consists of industry professionals that have many years of experience and are all individually certified in his respective areas of expertise. The diversity of our team’s knowledge and experience allows us to best match a professional technician to each phase of the project. We do it all—from initial site evaluation to commission by your local authorities.

We offer free, no obligation site evaluations by expert Connecticut solar installers

An initial phone call to (203) 255-3714 (or contacting us online here) will help determine if your home or business is right for solar photovoltaic or wind energy. If conditions seem favorable and you think one of our systems may be right for you, we’ll then schedule a visit to your property where our team will perform a free, no-obligation site evaluation.

We understand there is a great deal of information to gather while you are considering what clean energy options are best suited for your home or business. We will take the time to answer address all of your questions and concerns and we’ll make sure you are thoroughly informed and at ease during every step in the process.

  • We make your solar power investment work for you
  • We have several options available to assist you with the purchase of your system.
  • We will show you how to take advantage of programs and incentives that can off-set as much as 50% of the cost of your system (learn more about CT commercial solar incentives and CT home solar incentives).
  • We will show you why the purchase of a renewable energy system is a low risk, high yield way to utilize your investment dollars.
  • We design and install solar power systems based on your goals and needs, not ours

We treat your business or home like it was our own. From design through installation, we take great care to make sure you are satisfied with your CT solar system.

  • We have the best team in the business and we provide the best service.
  • We always offer state-of-the-art, current model, high-efficiency components and we never compromise on the quality and integrity of your system.
  • We never buy major system components in large lots and then try to adapt them to your project. Rather, we begin with the best design for your particular location and then we source the components to best fit your needs. Your best value is the result of the best service and the best products.
  • No job is complete until YOU are 100% satisfied.

Free, No Obligation Solar Assessment.

Contact us today to learn how you or your organization can benefit from going solar.

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