Commercial Solar Panel Systems in Connecticut

Rooftop, Ground Mount, and Carports

Why choose Sun-Wind Solutions for your commercial solar project?

Sun-Wind Solutions has the partners and resources to develop and deliver every aspect of a turn-key commercial solar project. We are a full-service solar engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company. Since 2010, we have provided the highest yielding solutions for our clients. Whether it’s a rooftop system, a ground mounted array or a carport, we can do it all.

An investment in solar can reduce your operating costs and contribute to a cleaner, healthier community. Let our team show you how.

Solar developers and commercial property owners, we want to work with you. Let us handle your installation and maintenance. Our goal is to make your project a success. Learn how we can work with you.

Each client and site is unique and we provide solutions that are custom-tailored for you

We explore and present ALL options in order to provide a solution that best meets your needs

By sourcing the highest quality components at the best price, we deliver lasting value and peace-of-mind

Our team of seasoned solar professions ensures that the job will be done right

No project is ever complete until our clients are 100% satisfied

Solar EPC (we manage every aspect of engineering, procurement, and construction)

Primations in North Haven CT

Enjoy Peace-Of-Mind With A Worry-Free Commercial Solar Installation From Sun-Wind Solutions

Knowledge + Experience + Superior Components = Satisfaction. Guaranteed!

Maximizing Commercial Solar Power Systems

Understanding and Lessening Energy Loss in Commercial Solar Installations

How to Maximize Your Commercial Solar Power System At Sun-Wind Solutions, we see first-hand how vital commercial solar installations are for powering businesses, industrial institutions, EV charging stations, and more. Despite solar power’s rapidly evolving technological advantages, energy loss is still a significant issue. If your business is not paying ...

Solar Panel Operation And Maintenance

Investing in solar power is a smart choice for businesses and facilities. It reduces your dependence on local electric utilities and helps you save on electrical bills. Plus, it showcases your commitment to renewable energy. However, solar power systems require some maintenance like any other complex system. As a rule, ...

Installation & Maintenance for Solar Developers

Sun-Wind Solutions is Your Expert In Solar Installation Developer Solomon Energy As a solar power developer or commercial property owner, you need to deliver the right design with the right products and have them installed reliably and economically. For more than a decade, Sun-Wind Solutions has been a valued installation ...

Commercial Solar Incentives & Financing

Commercial Solar Incentives & Financing Options in CT Investing in a solar electric system is a strategic business decision and the return on your investment can be quite significant. There are a number of federal and state programs incentives, rebates, and credits that are available to qualified businesses. At Sun-Wind ...

Professional Commercial Solar Installers

Trumbull CT Target Store Solar

Members of our commercial solar team are industry professionals with many years of experience. You’ll get top quality service throughout the entire project and we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with the results.

Matching The Best Components To Your Project

North Haven CT Target Store Solar

Value and results are what you should expect. Each site has its own unique elements and every client has specific needs and goals. At Sun-Wind we choose products that best match your site and provide the maximum R.O.I. on your project.

Remove, Replace, Repair, Maintain

Whether we installed your original commercial solar system or not, we can take care of all your post-installation needs.

Get Maximum R.O.I.

Sun-Wind Can Show You How

Commercial Solar Incentives, Tax Credits and Other Programs

Numerous programs and resources available to help offset the cost of a commercial solar project. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will lay out all of your options and even assist you with all of the paperwork.


Free, No Obligation Solar Assessment.

Contact us today to learn how you or your organization can benefit from going solar.

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Commercial Solar Tax Incentives.

The solar tax incentives have been extended until December 31, 2032. Now is a great time to take advantage of the incentives, rebates, and credits.

Free, No Obligation Solar Assessment.

Contact us today to learn how you or your organization can benefit from going solar.

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