There are several types of renewable energy solutions for home and business.  Sun-Wind Solutions specializes in designing and installing renewable energy systems for residential and commercial properties.  In addition to solar power systems, we also provide turn-key solutions for wind turbine power systems.

Wind Turbine Power

Wind Power | Sun-Wind Solutions | Fairfield, Connecticut

Wind turbines are a popular option that homeowners and business owners have as a renewable energy solution. A wind turbine is basically a propeller connected through a series of gears to a generator. When the wind blows and turns the propeller, the generator begins producing electricity for your home or business. If proper site conditions exist, a wind turbine—or wind generator—is a viable renewable energy source that can be used either grid-tied (connected to the utility) or as a stand-alone (battery-based) system. If you are considering wind turbine power for your home or business, we can help you determine what your best options are for financing and installing a system in your residential or commercial location. Visit our wind turbine page to learn more.

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