Solar for Business – Is it Right for You?

Commercial Solar installtion Fairfield, CT

Adding solar arrays to a commercial or industrial building can significantly reduce your operating and energy costs and make your business more profitable. Going solar also provides the added benefit of lowering your carbon footprint and making you a better partner in the community. A decade ago, solar power was only an option for corporate

Your Guide to a Quality Home Solar Installation Experience


Thinking of adding solar to your home and not sure how to get started or what to expect? Here’s a guide to having a quality experience.

As with any significant decision in life, no matter how much research you do there is a pretty fair chance that the company and the people you consider doing business with will be more familiar with the nuances, features, benefits and possibilities associated with the product or industry in question. Assuming that's true, it’s probably fair to say, your best chance of getting the solution you need and the experience you want, will be the result of choosing a company and team that puts you at ease and is one can trust. Makes sense, right? But how do you choose?

We've put together some relatively simple tips and guidelines to help you recognize character traits, level of proficiency and—perhaps most importantly—the underlying motivations of the companies you may be evaluating.

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  • We’re here to answer any questions you may have. A simple phone call is all it takes to get a preliminary assessment regarding the viability of a system at your site. If you like what you hear, we can then schedule a FREE, no-obligation detailed site assessment which will show expected system production as well as the financial benefits of investing in this project.
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